How Internet Cookies Work

Although all the names of Google’s Android operating system start with food items, another name related to the Internet world is an important name which is associated with food and that is cookie, cookie. It is a small but big thing of work. So let’s know what is this cookie.
What is this cookie
If you surf on any browser like – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, indirect words the Internet is used, then your browser secretly stores the information about the surfing done by you. Like which keyword you used, or in which site you are interested. All this information is saved by your browser as small text files. These text files are called cookies.

How Cookies Work 
As we told you about your browserCookies are saved as small text files, which are sent as a text message to your wave server each time you open a site on the Internet or request a direct word page. Cookies are used by web servers to identify data.

Google also uses cookies to reach you, the ads you see on Google AdSense are shown according to your information and preferences. Google Adsense shows you ads based on the information collected by your cookie

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